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You may be familiar with the mullet.
Because mullet is distributed in coastal temperate and tropical water almost all over the world .

Mullet is usually called BORA in Japan.
And mullet has other name, INA, TODO, and so on.
A small mullet is called INA and a large one is TODO.
( It's not "to do". It would sound like "toe dog".)

As this, there are fish nickname changes depending on the size in Japan.
We call such a fish "SYUSSE-UO".
"UO" means "fish".
"SYUSSE" means "success" or "promotion".
It means mullet has the potential for career advancement.





In other countries, is there a case for changing the nickname by size like this?

A salmon has several name.
Parr - Smolts -Salmon - Grilse - Kelt
But These difference are not due to size, due to the state of the fish.
For example, "Kelt" means a state that has finished spawning.
This name is not only distinguished by size

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